Junior High Classes

The Schola Junior High Program (Grades 7-8) helps parents provide a strong foundation for high school studies, beginning with history, literature, and writing in The Great Conversation Prep.

The core Schola Junior High Program also includes Latin, Natural Sciences, and Mathematics.

Students who are twelve years of age by September 1 may enroll in one or more of the Schola Junior High Classes:

The Great Conversation (TGC)
TGC Prep prepares Junior High students to enter TGC Primer by focusing on:
  • wide and varied reading in historical fiction covering the sweep of history from ancient cultures to modern times.
  • basic writing skills.
  • thorough understanding of English grammar.
  • good typing skills.

TGC Primer is a world view primer for building a Biblical world view, and an introductory course to The Great Conversation program at Schola. In addition to the World View studies, students complete both Write With World I and II, master an overview of Western Civilization, enjoy supplementary works of literature, and study informal fallacies, rhetorical devices, and public speaking.

Students in grades 8 - 9, successfully completing TGC-Primer will receive a total of 3 high school credits in English, History, and Bible/Apologetics.

TGC Prep Class Description
TGC Primer Class Description

Latin plays an integral part in the Schola Program. Because Latin is the mother tongue of Western Civilization, as well as the language of the Christian faith for over a thousand years, it is the ideal tool for the transmission of cultural literacy. Latin mottoes, phrases, and sayings surround us every day, and much of Western literature assumes at least a passing understanding of Latin.

Not only is Latin the most efficient way to learn the grammar of our own language, Latin is also the basis for the Romance languages, giving Latin students a leg up in any further study of Spanish, French, and Italian, as well as Portuguese and Romanian. Because Latin has had a greater impact on our own language than any other foreign language (60% of modern English words are based on Latin), Latin students typically score about 50 points higher on the SAT, both verbal and math, than students who have not studied Latin. Latin also provides a foundation for scientific education.

Schola Latin classes provide . . .
  • tools to improve understanding of English grammar.
  • foundation for studying Romance languages.
  • basis of cultural literacy of Western Civilization.

Latin Class Descriptions

Natural Sciences
Life Science and Earth Science classes include approximately half lecture/discussion and half experiments, investigations, and hands-on activities, which emphasize the scientific method, good lab procedures, and organizational skills (including note-taking and keeping an organized notebook). This preparation allows students to enter high school level science classes with foundational science knowledge and strong science skills.

Schola Science classes provide . . .
  • tools to improve understanding of how scientists "do" science.
  • practice in study and organizational skills crucial for success in high school and beyond.

Science Class Descriptions

Math Prep and Pre-Algebra classes provide excellent review and practice of basic arithmetic to establish a strong math foundation as well as introducing and practicing new concepts needed for upper-level algebra and geometry.

Mathematics Class Descriptions