Living in Texas, Spanish is one of the most useful modern languages for students to learn. Beyond high school and college language requirements, the ability to communicate in Spanish is helpful in everyday life, business, and evangelism.

For students 7 and 8th grade Spanish 1a will be an introduction to the Spanish language including alphabet pronunciation, vocabulary, and idiomatic expressions as well as grammar and verb conjugations. This course will provide students with a solid foundation for high school level Spanish.

Spanish 1 provides a foundation in phonics, pronunciation, verb conjugation, tenses, vocabulary, and grammar structure, giving students a solid foundation in the language. Learning commonly used expressions provides relevant application of language structures to everyday communication.

Please note that Spanish 1A and Spanish 1B are the equivalent of Spanish 1 presented at a slower pace. Completing these two courses provides one year of high school language credit.

Spanish classes meet on Thursdays (see schedule). The average student should plan to devote approximately 60 - 90 minutes per day including class time to Spanish studies.
  • Students grades 7-8 can successfully enter Spanish 1A, but subsequent classes must be taken in sequence.
  • Students grades 8-12 can successfully enter Spanish 1, but subsequent classes must be taken in sequence.
  • Placement test for students who are transferring from another Spanish class.
Class Size
  • Minimum: 4
  • Maximum: 12
Tuition and Fees
Text & Materials