The Great Conversation Year 2 Texts and Materials


+ These books are consumable or used in class. Siblings taking TGC 2 should each have their own copy.
* These books are used in subsequent years of TGC.

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Used during the first semester.
  • Syllabus: The Grandeur of Christianity+
    David Quine
    (This is Part 1 of the Year 2 Syllabus. You do NOT need to purchase Part 2, The Revolutionary Age.)
    You cannot purchase just Part 1 of the Syllabus from Cornerstone Curriculum, but you can from Christian Books.
  • The Universe Next Door*
    James W. Sire (5th edition or later)
  • Divine Comedy: Inferno+^
    (Esolen translation, NOT World View Edition available from Cornerstone)
  • Divine Comedy: Purgatorio^
    (Esolen translation, NOT World View Edition available from Cornerstone)
  • Divine Comedy: Paradiso^
    (Esolen translation, NOT World View Edition available from Cornerstone)
  • Institutes of Christan Religion+
    John Calvin
    (ISBN: 0-8010-2524-9 ONLY)
  • Paradise Lost+
    John Milton
    (Any edition that includes line numbers.)
  • The Pilgrim's Progress+
    John Bunyan
    (World View Edition available from Cornerstone Curriculum is recommended because it includes only the parts of the book that we read.)
    Total Truth*, Nancy Pearcey
    (ISBN: 1-58134-458-9)
  • World History 10, 4th edition*
    Bob Jones University
    (ISBN: 978-1606821183)
  • The Little Seagull Handbook, 3rd edition*+
    Richard Bullock, Michael Brody, Francine Weinberg
    (ISBN: 978-0-393-60264-7)
Provided by Instructor:
  • Syllabus Supplement

Used during the second semester.
  • TGC 2 Spring Syllabus
    Available from Instructor. Cost is included in Class Fee at Registration.
  • America: A City Upon A Hill+
    David Quine, editor
  • Second Treatise on Government
    John Locke
    (Any edition.)
  • Anti-Federalist Papers
  • A Tale of Two Cities+
    Charles Dickens
  • The Communist Manifesto
    (Any edition.)
  • Animal Farm
    George Orwell
  • The Law
    Frederic Bastiat
    (Any edition.)
  • The Beginning of the Republic
    Clarence B. Carson
    No ISBN


  • Binder, paper, pencils, pens, highlighters, red pen.
  • Access to a computer, internet, email, and a printer, as well as ink and paper. Be sure your computer has Adobe Reader.
  • We encourage each family to subscribe to and discuss together World Magazine