Cornerstone Curriculum publishes the World Views of the Western World curriculum which is the foundational program for The Great Conversation.
Tapestry of Grace and Sonlight Curriculum are two excellent programs for preparing students to participate in the Schola Program. Both programs provide
  1. a thorough study of world and American history that covers the chronological sweep of history twice during elementary years.
  2. wide and varied reading of whole books rather than anthologies
  3. basic writing skills.

    Tapestry of Grace and Sonlight catalogs and websites are a treasure trove of information about homeschooling, and an excellent source for must-read book lists for your child.

Cambridge Latin is a reading-based Latin program, very different from the traditional Latin programs widely used by homeschoolers. When it was first published in 1970 the Cambridge Latin Course broke new ground in Latin teaching because of:
  • the prominence given to Roman history and culture as an integral part of learning the Latin language;
  • the application of modern language teaching approaches to the teaching of an ancient language;
  • the development of story-based approaches to language learning.

Cambridge Latin Course provides highly successful AND enjoyable Latin instruction for students grades 2-12 using:

  • clear presentation of grammar, vocabulary, word families, and derivatives,
  • vivid readings which weave culture and history into the fabric of Latin stories,
  • characters and stories that engage and motivate students.
Institute for Excellence in Writing offers a solid introduction to writing. Andrew Pudewa begins by having students retell familiar stories in order to separate the task of writing from the task of thinking what to write about. Students begin by incorporating concrete techniques such as "sentence starters" and "dress-ups", and then progress to exploring more sophisticated sentence structure and syntax. The concrete goals of IEW's writing techniques appeal especially to boys. As Andrew Pudewa says, "They can check off the required sentence starters and dress-ups and go build a fort."
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